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It was the beginning of the seventh inning, the opposing team was 2 points ahead of our team. The rush of running out on that red dirt field is almost unexplainable. The umpire yells “PLAY BALL!” and the game is on. Playing first base is like having the lead role in a play. It’s so important, yet, it’s still the most exciting to play.
The first pitch is thrown. The batter swings with all her power, still missing. Not long after, the pitcher whips out strike number two. The third pitch flies out of our pitcher’s hands, a perfect pitch. The batter hits it, pop-fly to left center. Easy out. The next two outs go the same way. Quick and easy.
Have you ever loved a sport so much, but didn’t have the opportunity to play? Whether it was because your schedule didn’t work out with the game and practice schedule, or you just didn’t have the money or ability to be on the team? Well, that is similar to the problem we have here at Mitchell High School. There are a number of students here that love to play baseball or softball, and some are having to go neighboring towns just to play that sport that they love so much. So what I’m here to propose today is to add softball and baseball to Mitchell High School athletics. I am going to talk about the benefits of having a softball and baseball team, the possible harms of them, and a solution.
There are pros and cons to every decision that is made, and this specific decision has very many pros. If we had these teams, we would have more chances of students getting scholarships. According to the website "College Softball Scholarships." Accessed May 8th 2015, there are about 53 softball scholarships and over 8,000 baseball scholarships (depending on which level you would be playing.” Scholarships are very important to today’s generation with all the money shortages and people being laid off from their jobs. College is getting more and more expensive by the years, and we can use any help we can get. Plus, athletic scholarships also offer benefits that just covering tuition and fees. Another benefit of having a softball and baseball team is fundraisers. When we do fundraisers some will go to the team for equipment and uniforms and the rest well go to improving the playing fields. The fundraisers will help with team bonding and the teams will have fun! Other things are meeting friends and being a part of a sport like this is great.
While there are so many benefits of having these two sports at our school. As most of you know, baseball is a spring sport and softball is a fall sport. So sadly, both of these sports fall when there are other sports going on. Baseball correlates with track and golf. Softball correlates with volleyball. One worry is that if