Basic Concepts Of Web Development

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Describe Basic Concepts of Web Development

Presentation is a key aspect for designing webpages. It entails lots of thought and demonstration of understanding of different customs and differences in culture, language, morals, values, etc. It is common for lots of people to only observe webpages of their native land, but there’s so much more out there to observe. Great web designers are able to attract millions and millions of different people just because of their intensive research and dedication to attracting the entire world and not just a region. I wonder if every web designer valued research just as much as they value their physical design how monumental web pages could become. This is something to ponder and/or initiate as someone who has any bit of interest in webpage design. In this paper I will discuss the barriers that webpages has nowadays due to language, beliefs, and mainly location. For example, webpages in Mexico and there viewers will probably have a tough time navigating through an American design. Why, you ask? Mainly language, the subjectivity as to what is popular and what isn’t. These are all aspects that have to be considering when thinking about what foreign observers may get from different webpages. It’s important that these things be carefully considered because as a designer you want to reach as many people as possible. There are numerous ways as a designer to let the lack of knowledge is covered up by the glitz and glamour that a webpage could offer. However, as someone who wants to further their impact on their craft will go the extra mile and distinguish themselves from the pack with research. This paper will display some thoughts on how and why that could be done.

Describe Basic Concepts of Web Development The great thing about webpage design is the opportunity one has to present information to millions of people all over the world, people of different religions, beliefs, language, tribes, etc. It goes on and on but the most important thing to be in order to maximize your impact is to be educated. There are services that offer easier ways to fix and eliminate the communication barrier. These programs are translators such as Google, Babel Fish, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Being a dedicated web designer I would offer these services to viewers because that way I would appease a larger group of people and being able to be referenced as a dependable site for all races and cultures. However, with everything there always has a potential downfall. I think the coding of these translators on webpages, if you aren’t careful could be damaging to the actual page. The last thing you want to happen is for constant errors and people getting kicked of the site to occur. That would give the page a bad reputation and cause viewers to not be as frequent of viewers. There are a few reasons as to why a translation service