Bathtub and Best Way Essay

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n After reading the design prompt, I quickly got to work on preparing a design within the parameters of the guidelines given. While keeping the integrity of the original structure, which I interpreted as keeping the outside walls the same dimension, I wanted to be as space efficient with the new structure as possible. After looking at our dimensions there were to work with, I began to work with a bubble layout to design a base structure to the house. I figured the best way to use space would be having the three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the upper level, while having the den and study on the lower level. This allows for the most popular areas of the house to be easier to access and within a closer proximity. The garage, I decided to attach through a short hallway/mudroom, on the west side of the house. The two car garage has a single garage door with enough room for two full size vehicles to comfortably fit. The pool, I interpreted to be a new, free-standing structure on the property by the pool. I put this structure on the north east side of the property, creating an ‘L’ shape out of the property structures. The pool house had to include multiple functions including a full bath, kitchenette, and guest sleeping area. I brainstormed the best way to include all these features and decided to go with a carriage house style. There were not many limitations on the pool house listed, so it became a two story structure. The upper level includes a sitting area, closet, and a full