Battling Cancer Essay

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January 23, 2011
English 99
Descriptive Paragraph

He meant more than the world to me. He was confident that this was going to pass and he would survive. He was my savior when times were hard and I just felt down. Now, I had to be there for him, no matter how hard it was going to be for me. I had to support him, but I couldn’t. I was useless in a time of his need. I walked into his bedroom and would just turn around as it was too hard to deal with. Walking into the hospital all I could do was walk to the window and put my face to the glass and softly cry without having anybody know. My mind raced every time I looked at him lying there pitiful and in so much pain. My heart was finally starting to truly hurt whenever I looked at him. Perhaps, it was time to learn to let go. My father, who was this huge tall Italian man finally dwittled down to nothing but skin and bones in front of my eyes. He was 54 when we found the cancer in his esophagus. Stage 3 and praying chemo would work and save him; little did we know it wasn’t going to work and 10 months later have to put him to rest. My father was well educated and a bright man, how he never knew he was this sick will always be a mystery to me. People say that every girl will be a daddy’s girl and I can honestly say I was a huge daddy’s girl. My father was there for me no matter what I needed, if I was having trouble in school or problems in life itself he was always by my side. My father was my best friend and