Beating the Clock Essay

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Trying to beat the clock
Have you ever felt that there isn’t enough time in the day? I feel I’m always trying to beat the clock. Having a full time job, being a college student, and having time for my family have been a bit challenging. There always seems to be something not getting done. I have been at my job for over six years and enjoy it very much. Recently I decided to go back to school and pursue a Crime Scene Investigator degree. While being a mother of two young daughters this is something that took deep thought. I feel time management is my biggest challenge, and making myself a schedule is something I could greatly benefit from.
I am currently working full time at HFMG (Health First Medical Group) as a phlebotomist and tend to work a 40 hour week, seven to three thirty. I enjoy my job and working with patients on a daily basis. Lately I seem to always be rushing and trying to make time for everything. Working full time and being a student is definitely time consuming.
I recently decided to go back to school this past fall. I was aware it wouldn’t be an easy task, but failed to realize how much time it would take out of my home and family life. I have had to stay up later to do homework and study which makes it sometimes hard to wake up on time Sometimes I use the weekends to catch up on anything I haven’t gotten done throughout the week. Having two daughter ages three and my oldest being seven catching up is sometimes easier said than done. They don’t always