Missions That Combine Science Goals And Engineering Designs To Create A Complete Mission

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1. The readings for this module focus on missions that combine science goals and engineering designs to create a complete mission. Do you see yourself as someone who would serve on the scientific research side of a mission, or do you see yourself as someone who would work with the various types of engineers who build the vehicles to perform the scientific work? Explain your answers.

I believe that I am a very versatile individual. I have and will acquire even more skills to increase the legitimacy of that statement. I have the soft skills, which are skills that can be learned but are better when they come naturally. I absolutely love engineering, but I have found myself to be very interested in the science side of experiments. I find them very interesting and to be able to do something spectacular in my field is a dream of mine. I understand that I would not be alone and would be working in a team, but even so discovering a new element that would solve the world’s energy crisis or a new greenhouse gas that if harnessed could reverse the effects of global warming. I have a “itch” for scientific knowledge and discovery. Although, engineering is very close to my hearts, so if I had to choose developing technologies to use that new element and greenhouse gas then I would definitely choose that. I would love to work in a team of well developed engineers with amazing character and implementing new ideas , until everything works out in mankind’s favor.

2. Research what materials were used in the 1903 Wright Flyer. How did these materials fair in the brothers' experimentation? What are some characteristics that engineers much consider when selecting materials for any given part of a modern aircraft or spacecraft? What materials have been developed in recent years? How are these materials more advanced?

Because of their time they did not have the materials and they did not know how to retrieve or use