Big Spaceship Case Study

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Big Spaceship is ready to go big and grow to the size of a significant player, but not to the likes of a top rolling, dominating company.
If BS does not expand, they can either shrink (very unlikely) or stay at their current level. If the latter option is chosen, the quality of their work and cultural atmosphere runs into a lower risk of deprecating. This may conform to the goals of the founders, but the firm will run into emerging problems if they continue upon this path. The biggest ones are perhaps the optimization of human capital within the firm and competition with other companies. The main distinction between BS and either big companies and/or upcoming ones is BS’s quality of work displayed through its resume and its associated work culture. But how long before the big players and young guns notice the gap and start to work on closing it? Those big companies will take note of effective strategies BS uses and will start of emulate it in hopes of achieving the same success. What is worrying its that they have the capital to lure bright talent away from BS’s recruiting pool and shift their assets to create departments that may soon compete against BS in terms of quality. An employee will definitely look for the higher salary a giant can provide if it is enough to make up the difference of experience of working at them and BS. With massive corporate funds backing them, BS will be hurt by its own lack of resources as clients flock to its competitors. The company’s future will also be in jeopardy because young talent, which is so vital to every organization, is being denied to BS by its competitors. The key issue facing BS is how to