bilingual education in the united state Essay

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Bilingual education in the United States
Education in the United States is major controversial topic in today’s society. Education in the United States is a subject that many create many avenues for success with the correct teachings. In the world today our society is created with a melting pot of diversity in language and cultural. With education language and cultural may play a huge role in our lives of educators. To create a high level in today’s success and to fit in the norms of society bilingual education should be the main stream in our educational school systems. Bilingual education is offered in the societal language and other languages. In the United States, bilingual education usually refers to the type of instruction provided to students who are limited-English-proficient, also known as English as second- language learners. Bilingual education is important skills to master because multitasking two languages can help create success in society and work places bilingual language education is a great way to help many people cope with the norms in society and the lively-hood of others. In international contexts, bilingual education is offered to students who do not know English and to students who are native speakers of the societal language of English language. The author Jost graduated from Harvard College and Georgetown University Law Center. He is the author of the Supreme Court Yearbook and editor of the Supreme Court from A to Z in (both CQ Press). He was a member of the CQ Researcher team that won the American Bar Association’s 2002 silver Gavel Award. His previous reports include “Racial Diversity in Public Schools” and “Testing in School”. He is also author of the blog Jost on