Billy Elliot Essay

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Dear Manager,

Please accept this letter and the accompanying resume as my application for participating work experience at Danger Field in 2013. I’ve decided to apply for this opportunity at your store because I’ve always admired over all the different designed clothes that are on display but the one thing I've been fascinated about is the customer service I receive when I come into your store. I’m definitely someone with a strong passion for coordinating multiple tasks, learning new challenges and being dedicated to provide quality work. I believe that this experience and education will help me to experience to have a better understanding and taste of what work in a retail store is really like.
I trust that I’m the perfect asset to your store because I’m a hard worker who is self motivated who takes pride in good customer service and welcomes feedback as a positive. I understand that Danger Field is looking for someone who has high potential, interest and passion for this area of employment. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include the following: I am very organised, helpful, persistent, passionate, cooperative, and eager to learn new things. Although I don’t have much experience in the workforce, I know that having this opportunity would increase my communication skills and enable me to work with different kinds of people. I promise that if I am lucky enough to get the chance I would have a positive attitude towards this role and show that…