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College English Effects of Binge Drinking
Throughout a teenagers life there are curiosities that frequently lead to bad choices. Especially, when teens hit about seventeen or eighteen years of age, when they move out and begin their adult life. One of these curiosities is drinking. Drinking once in a while may not seem harmful but once they’ve have got it set in their mind, “Alcohol can’t hurt me and I haven’t been caught yet, one more time won’t hurt, and I have no parents to tell me I can’t so why not,” they then begin to drink more frequently. Then one time turns to two times then three and four which then lead to failing grades, brutal hangovers, memory lapse, can also lead to drinking and driving, and unplanned sexual activity that can change a present life to something that was not exactly planned or expected.
One aspect of binge drinking is college, students not realizing when they show up to class the next morning with a throbbing head, aching body, and a weak stomach it will affect their grades because of the lack of focus in the professor’s information or inability to remember criteria and complete assignments. If college students would take the time to realize the obvious ways drinking with their friends every night can affect their learning environment, they would realize how their grades and behavior is being affected drastically. In some cases so drastically that they could potentially fail the class and receive no credit for the course they had at one time spent a big portion of their life preparing for.
In one year, over 3000 teenagers die each year from driving under the influence of alcohol. Impairment from drinking cannot be determined but the type of drink that is consumed, it is determined by the amount injected. Stated in an article by the College Drinking- Changing the Culture website, “1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor vehicle crashes.” Teens and young have this fantasy that they’re invincible. College