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Cells are the basic unit of life and often combine with other cells to form tissues.

3. The image above is of a plant cell. You can tell by the shape of the cell. Plant cells tend to be rectangular shaped while animal cells are circular. Plant cells have a cell wall and have a large central vacuole.
5&7. In the cell cycle, the cell grows and prepares for cell division. The cell is in interphase when it is preparing for division. Cell division involves the splitting of the nucleus into two new nuclei; this is called mitosis. Mitosis is important for cells because it ensures that the cells grow and repair.

The cell cycle has four phases. During most of the cell cycle, the cell is growing, replicating its DNA, and preparing for cell division. 8. The above is the stages of mitosis. 10. Plant stem cells are called meristematic cells. The meristematic tissues are unspecialized, which means, they are capable of mitosis. They are found in several different locations in the plant. The tissue is responsible for growing new parts of the plant. 11. A tissue is a group of cells that work together to perform a function. A tissue found in plants that are an example of the definition above is the ground tissue. A tissue found in animals that is an example of the definition above is the epitheail tissue.
An organ consists of groups of tissues and works with other organs to form organ systems.
12. An example of the tissues found in a plant organ is vascular tissue. It moves substances from the roots to the leaves. It transports sugars from the leaves to other parts of the plant.
13. An example of the tissues found in an