Black Like Me Analysis

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Black Like Me Essay 3 Mr. Griffin’s first hitch-hiking ride starts off peacefully; his driver starts a conversation about work, saying that he likes city life better than the county. Griffin adds that he once worked in the city. The driver asked Griffin if he worked in a hotel. The driver quickly starts questioning Griffin about his sex life, asking if he “ever got a white woman?” Mr. Griffin says that he does not care for white women and the driver kicks him out. His next ride starts off the same with the driver talking about his family, then asks about Griffin’s. When he says he has a wife, the driver asks if she has ever “had it” with a white man, and adds on that black women can’t get jobs unless they “put it out” to their bosses. He says …show more content…
The first two drivers wanted to ask Griffin about his sex life because they had heard things about black people. They are mostly asking out of curiosity, but are profiling him because of his race. However, the driver of the third car has no intent to offend Griffin or ask inappropriate questions, he only wants to start a conversation with him. The deciding factor between the third ride and the first two was that the driver of the third ride simply isn’t not a racist. Although Griffin’s actions, after being asked if he was married, reflect that of the dog in the movie White Dog since both were trained by their experiences to protect themselves before they can be attacked. However, instead of black skin, white men put Griffin into a protective state. Griffin learned to prejudge all whites as racist scum. When Griffin enters the house of the editor his condition makes him feel uneasy and less talkative at the sight of his own friend’s white skin. These same protective judgments are what cause Griffin to express hostility towards whites at the coffee shop, saying they feel like they can say anything to blacks. Griffin’s hate for whites was amplified since he knows these people aren’t judging him because of his personality, but that it’s only the color of his skin that defines him for