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Johnathan Lewis
What it takes to be a D1 student athlete
Going from high school and not having to do as much to being a D1 athlete at Colorado State University came with a lot more responsibilities and dedication. The classes you have to actually pay attention to and take good notes and study for test and when workouts for football come into place we lift and run a lot more. I the way how we have to set up our classes was a little difficult because there’s so many different classes you could be interested in depending on what major your trying to do. It’s just a big difference from high school and I think that I’m going to enjoy my first year starting college because it seems interesting and fun every time the start of the school year gets closer and closer. I’m also ready for this year’s season to just start off already I can’t wait to see what all of us freshman can bring to the table to help the team out in any way that we can.
The first thing that all student athletes must know before you can do anything and get into college is that school must always come first know matter what. You have to reach the D1 academic standards to get into college and “You must take the SAT or ACT and score a minimum of 400 on the SAT (Math and Reading only) or 37 on the ACT.”(David Frank, “NCAA D1 Eligibility Requirements”). So it’s always important to make sure you meet all the requirements and do everything that you’re supposed to do so that there won’t be any problems. You should also start thinking about what major you want to do but you don’t have to worry as much about because you will have time to decide and pick it. It’s always important to make sure you have a backup plan because you don’t know what’s going to happen during your college career of sports and also the things after it.
If you need help with any of your classes then you can go to the academic center or to your tutor and they can try their best to help you improve on your grade. They can also tell you how to take better notes and help you arrange ways for you to manage your time better so that you can study more for the class. Don’t get me wrong though even though school comes first that doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to do your best in the sport that you play. When you step out on that field you have to show out every time and let them know that you’re ready to play. Once they see how good your talent is because of the effort and work that you put in each time you get on the field then there going to know that you deserve to play especially since you keep beating everybody each time of what you do.
Whenever you start or get a chance to play or whatever and you do your best and then you keep scoring touchdowns and making big plays then you’re probably going to be famous around campus to everyone and the town. Then the girls are going to start coming a lot more towards to try get your number and to hang out with you and everything. Even though it sounds all good and stuff the one thing you have to watch out for is whenever you’re at parties and everybody’s drinking except you. The girls are drunk and they start talking to you sexually and want you to take them back to your room and that may sound good and everything but in those situations you should probably say no to not risk the chance of getting in trouble over non sense. Kyle Olson was telling us that “a lot of athletes been getting in trouble by woman over rape cases and sexual abuse all because the woman wants the money or publicity.”
What’s the craziest thing about it is that you could be doing so good that you’re all the way at the top and you just feel invincible like nobody can touch you. Until that one simple mistake or bad decision that you made that got you in trouble for can bring you back down to the bottom without you not even nothing it. Plus when those things happen to athletes it puts a bad look on all athletes making the people think that we can never learn from our