Black Supremacy and Malcolm Essay

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X The autobiography of Malcolm X tells the life story of Malcolm X, a black male that grew up a troubled teen turned criminal to become a renowned and controversial speaker. Born Malcolm Little in Lansing, Michigan he transformed from a misbehaving boy in school to a man who gave hope to black people . The book starts with Malcolm telling about his childhood. Malcolm’s childhood was grim and thus set the tone of the entire book. He introduces readers to his father who was an anti­white, baptist preacher. Malcolm chastised his father’s bigoted ways, but at the same time admired him. He admired how his father spoke out against the white man’s oppressions and tyranny over blacks, he wasn't an "Uncle Tom1". Pastor Little`s life came to an end when KKK members captured, tortured and mutilated him. He died two and a half hours after the vicious attack. Malcolm's mother slowly went insane after the demise of her husband. Malcolm and his seven siblings were then separated, forced to live with different families. This transpired when Malcolm was only 6. When he was 13, he got kicked out of school because of his constant misbehavior. He decided to move with his older half sister, Ella, in Boston, MA. This was Malcolm's first major decision he has ever made and things changed for Malcolm when he moved to Boston. Malcolm appreciated the culture that the city offered like the life in which black peopple had. It differed from the oppressed Uncle Toms living in Lansing.. Unfortunately, however, he started to get into a life of crime. He started pimping, drug using , drug selling,and

a black who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals.


stealing. His attitude changed from this move he made. Malcolm worked for a railroad company where he would visit New York City to party in nightclubs. He describes Harlem lifestyle vividly. His nickname was Detroit Red whichcame from his hair because he had it conked and getting it conked means putting red dye in the hair. He begins making frequent trips to Harlem, New York. Even in
Harlem, he continues his criminal behavior. He gets caught trying to give an undercover cop a prostitute’s number but he is released due to lack of evidence . Now it is 1945 and Malcolm is committing armed robberies and soon peddles bootleg liquor.
He returns to Boston when he is being given death threats. He resumes his life of crime to his sisters surprise. When Malcolm attempts to repair a stolen watch, he is caught and arrested. Malcolm is sentenced to ten years. Malcolm’s atheistic rantings in prison gave him the nickname "Satan". All of his brother and sisters have converted to Islam and they want Malcolm to convert as well. He is encouraged to stop eating and pork and smoking. He declines. He is moved to a rehabilitation prison. His sister visits him and tells him of Muhammad's black pride preachings. Malcolm is willing to accept the teachings killing his satan nickname. He then studies on Muhammad's teachings.
Malcolm is transformed by what he reads. He was amazed at everything he read and he decided to convert to Islam. After Malcolm got out of jail, he wanted to show that he was totally committed to the Nation of Islam. Malcolm meet the leader, Elijah
Muhammad quickly becomes Elijah Muhammad right hand man. Malcolm then changes his name and his identity from Malcolm little to Malcolm X o to symbolize the lost African


name that he claims he never knew. Malcolm preaches anti­white sermons and he rallies against white people talking about the oppression from slavery has stuck around.
He gets a reputation as being a really violent man . He is appointed a church that he can call his own. He has definitely changed from his years of crime to preaching what he believes in. Him and his follower are known as