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Christian A. Castro
Social problems
Black swan

Black Swan
As we live in a society where citizens are always trying to get ahead for their well being, problems occur. It could be any problem; some larger than others. As I began to watch the movie Black Swan I began to see these problems known as Social problems through out the movie. I saw many social problems but the two that stood out to me the most were mental illness which the main character suffered as well as the sexual harassment she experienced at her work place. I then, began to research these problems as a society and found astonishing numbers and experiences people have gone through with these social problems I then related them to two perspectives; Functionalist and interactional perspectives and found solutions for both of them for the better good of everyone. The Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky it is a brilliant film about a woman who did whatever it took to become Black Swan. The Movie is set to be in New York City, where a well-known ballet company are in the making of a big production known as Swan Lake. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is a Beautiful and talented ballerina who is completely consumed with dance. She lives with her mother (Barbra Hershey) who is a controlling mother who had a short career as a dancer but hopes that her daughter will surpass her to be a great ballerina which explains the reason she is controlling and pushes her so much. The director of the production is Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) who is not shy to express his emotions and will do anything to get what he wants and at times even cross the line. He decides to force the current star Beth Macintyre (Winona Ryder) into retirement right before the casting for the lead role of the production. The lead role is very delicate position because it consists of playing a dual role of a white and black swan. Leroy has Nina in mind for the role because subsequently, he wants to have sex with her. He is more than certain she could play the white swan but is uncertain if she has the attributes to become the black swan but after a scene where he tries kissing her and she reacts by biting him he sees a little of the black swan and cast her for the lead role. Unsure if she will have it in her to become the black swan he cast lily (Mila Kunis) as her backup. Nina begins to experience unusual and graphic visions and also begins to grow a rash on her shoulder blade. At work, things aren’t going as she expected, as her director is frustrated with her inability to fully let go and become part of the role instead of trying to perfect it and the fact that she does not have sex with him, he begins to think lily is the right person for the role. As things begin to get worse an unexpected visit by lily inviting her out in the town mixed with a little drugs and alcohol. She also has a sexual experience with lily that night. With a series of unfortunate events that keep happening even one of Nina almost killing her self, lead me to the conclusion that she was dealing with Schizophrenia, a mental condition. When the swan lake was premiered Nina was still dealing with all this pressure from different people but after dealing with her individual self at the finally she plays the black swan perfect. There were several Social problems that stood out too me throughout the movie. The first one was the sexual harassment experienced by Nina from her producer. It raised my eyebrows to see first hand the extent woman will go to get what they want as well as men taking advantage of there position in the work place as well as in society to fulfill there own needs. In my research I found that 58% of woman have experienced sexual harassment in the work place (Illies, Hauserman, Schwochau, & Stibal, 2003) meaning that as time has past we as a society have become more open minded through generations. But