Bleeding Red Essay

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Bleeding Red

Chapter 1: Memories
“I thought you quit,” Johnny stated. I shook my head and inhaled once again, the bright red cherry lighting up as the cigarette burned.
“They’ll kill you one day,” he said softly. I put my head down and sighed. All the tolls and risks, cancers and conditions, I’ve heard them all before, but in all reality, I didn’t care. “Maybe a slow death wouldn’t be that bad,” I whispered, letting the smoke fill my lungs once more. I used to hate the idea of smoking, the smell and taste of it repulsed me. I remember my first cigarette, it’s sad though, such harsh conditions brought upon such a deadly habit. I closed my eyes remembering that horrid night. The day had been so perfect, but I was too blind to ever think a day could actually be perfect. I was returning from Johnny’s house, I had been hanging out with his sister Jocelynn, and I was greeted by our complex slowly burning to the ground. I could hear the agonizing screams of the ones I loved, and I was helpless. I tried to help them, but with each failed attempt to get inside my skin burned away. All I could do was sit in front of my home and wait for help to come, silent tears cascading down my face. When help did finally arrive it was too late. I leaned against a cop car after it came to a halt in front of me, and a man in his early twenties offered me a single cigarette. I remember looking at it, hesitating, before betraying myself and accepting a contract that I am still abide by. I