Blood and Chemical Energy Essay

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There are six forms of energy:
Chemical energy is essential to bond atoms together and when these bonds are broken the energy is unconstrained. Fuel and food are forms of stored chemical energy.
Heat energy within the body is created from the movement of the atoms from inside the body as moving particles product heat. This energy can be caused by friction of two objects and it will cause a change in temperature and will affect any form of the matter.
Sound energy is the movement of molecules through substances in long waves.
This energy is supported by moving electrons in an electric conductor. You cannot see it but it is one of the most beneficial forms of energy as it is fairly easy to convey and use.
Light energy is a form of electromagnetic energy. In a rainbow for example, each colour of light signifies a different sum of electromagnetic energy. This energy is carried by x-rays, radio waves and laser rays.
When work is done to an object, it obtains energy. The energy that is needs is known as mechanical energy. An example of this is when you kick a ball, you give mechanical energy to the ball in order for it to move.
B Within energy, there are also two energy laws, these are:
Conservation of energy; -
This law states that energy within a system stays at a constant level over time. A negative to this law is that is suggests that energy can neither created or destroyed. This law also states that energy within a closed system can only change form; for example, from chemical energy to kinetic energy.
Transformation of energy;
This is the process where one form of energy changes into a different form of energy.
There are also three chemical processes within the body, these are:
This describes the chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. It is broken down into anabolism and catabolism.
This is the process which builds molecules and ingests energy. It often makes bigger things out of smaller things, using up energy throughout the process. The body uses simple molecules to create complex ones.
This process breaks things down in order to give out energy. For example, it breaks food down in order to create glucose which then creates energy via respiration. The Cardiovascular System
This system transports oxygen and glucose to the liver and the body’s cells by the blood stream.
The arteries located around the body deliver the oxygenated blood to the cells. This then enables the cells to carry out respiration to create energy.
The veins take the deoxygenated blood back to the lungs so that it can be breathed out.
When we breathe in, oxygen enters the small air sacs called the alveoli which are located in the lungs.