Blood Burning Moon Essay

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Literary Analysis #1

In the “Blood Burning Moon” by Jean Toomer, the author takes the reader back in time to the rural south-1 during a time of Jim Crow laws. In a small town, Tom Burwell and Bob Stone challenge each other for the affection of an African American woman named Louisa. Louisa has no last name, which signifies that she has not taken on a name of the “master” or she is just any Negro woman. After bob-1 and Tom discovered each other’s-1 lust for Louisa, a fight breaks out in which Bob’s throat get slashed. Bob, a white man, was able to stumble back to the white side of town to tell others. An extreme racist mob formed quickly to lynch Tom and burned him at the stake. Throughout the story, the author accentuates racism, love
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Develop this analysis further.

Toomer demonstrates racism throughout the story by using imagery. As in the title, the moon played a role in the story. The story begins and ends with the image of the full moon in the great door” (Toomer, 1923, 380) as a bad omen. Rethink organization (regroup with the other section of your essay about the moon). Full moons had been known for its mood changing powers. The women in the backdrop sing against the moon in attempt to prevent the brawl. “Red nigger moon, Sinner! Blood Burning Moon, Sinner! Come out that factory door” (Toomer, 1923, 380). When the women stop singing, Tom and Bob have their deadly encounter. The moon plays a part in the imagery of dark and light, which encompass the story and spur on the racial conflict between black and white. The light and dark images can be seen from the glow of cane fire to the “glaring search lights” (Toomer, 1923, 380) of the mob. Even the white moon is fight against the black clouds in an effort to dominate. “The moon was rising toward a thick cloud bank which would soon hide it” (Toomer, 1923, 375).

Analyzing the actions that occurred during the fight, Toomer amplified racism through the lynching of Tom Burwell. During the final showdown, Tom brings out that white supremacy has been itching under his skin. When Bob does not find Louisa at the meeting place, so he becomes enraged-1 at the thought of her with Tom. Bob realized he doesn’t have any power over