Body Cameras Effects

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Body cameras on police officers are becoming more common and because of this there is new light being shed on the different points of views in cases. Whether is was from excessive force, or false accusations. There are some specific cases where this was a problem, like the incident that happened in New Mexico. Also the effect since body cameras increase in use around the U.S. And the effects it has as cameras become more common in the Houston area.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico a woman was pulled over by an officer who suspected she was intoxicated. Also capturing the moment, she tried to frame him. After failing her field sobriety test she was taken into the station where she asked to use the restroom. When the officer heard her on the phone at that point he asked her to come out, and she began to accuse him of sexual misconduct. That’s when the officer informed the woman that the entire stop had been recorded. The sex crimes division of the department conducted a full investigation and cleared the officer of the wrongdoing. This helped protect the officer involved, and there are other cases similar to this one.

As body cameras are becoming more common in the U.S. Things such as better evidence documentation and accountability have gone up. Other effects such as more department spending on equipment, administration,
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Apart from the much needed technological upgrade in a city that keeps developing, the police chief says, “within a little over a year, anyone in uniform or a first responder position will have a body camera.” 100 cameras on officers were tested and the experiences were mostly positive. An effect that has been seen is the behavior of both officers and citizens when they are aware of the camera’s presence. And there’s footage of a person’s “demeanor and behavior”, and became calmer. And in some cases, officers were