Body Fat and Eating Disorders Essay

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Body Fat and Eating Disorders
There are many factors that are associated with obesity. If the human body consumes to many calories and there isn’t enough exercise throughout the day to burn off and use up the excess calories then the body can be at risk. Not only are adults at risk but children are at risk as well. Children can’t really choose what they want to eat. Their parents choose their food for them and make them eat it. So if the food is an unhealthy diet then the kids will end up most likely obese. Sugars in fruit juices, soda, and other drinks are one of the big problems. There are many schools that have vending machines that sell products with a high amount of sugar. Children now a day sit in front of a TV watching shows or playing video games while eating so they do not get enough physical activity throughout the day.
Eating disorders can lead to many problems with health such as depression, change in behavior, weight loss, vomiting, and anxiety. The most notable eating disorder would be anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is when people have the fear of gaining weight. Health Risks are to include: reduction of bone density, muscle loss, dehydration, fatigue, dry hair and skin. They usually have a low self-esteem towards their shape and size of their body. Bulimia nervosa is like anorexia just without make yourself throw up. Bulimia has health risks such as: potential for gastric rupture, inflammation, tooth decay, chronic irregular bowel movements, peptic ulcers, and pancreatitis. Binge eating is when you over consume on food. You cannot stop eating.