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The Process by which food usually sugar is broken down.

A system made of structures and organs that function in moving oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the body.

Circulatory System
A system made of organs that function in transporting materials around the body.

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels. They exchange substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and sugar with cells.

Blood travels to the heart in blood vessels called veins.

The blood which carries oxygen and digested food travels away from the heart in blood vessels called Arteries.

What is the main structure of the respiratory system?

What are the 3 main organs of the circulatory system along with the function of each?
Blood Vessels

Which of the following is part of the circulatory system?
a) Brain
b) Liver
c) Artery
d) Lung
C) Artery

Why does a person’s heart rate increase during exercise?
a) Less oxygen is needed
b) More oxygen is needed
c) Less carbon dioxide is needed
d) More carbon dioxide is needed
B) More oxygen is needed

What is the main function of cellular respiration?
a) Using carbon dioxide
b) Releasing energy
c) Producing oxygen
d) Circulating blood
B) Releasing energy

Which part of the circulatory system exchanges substances such as oxygen and carbon dioxide?
a) vein
b) artery
c) heart
d) capillaries


On the way to the lungs, air passes through the…
a) Trachea
b) Esophagus
c) Intestine
d) Stomach
A) Trachea

Blood is forced through the body by the…
a) Brain
b) Lungs
c) Heart
d) Stomach
B) Heart

Which part of the circulatory system contains blood rich in carbon dioxide?
A) Arteries
B) Alveoli
C) Veins
D) Capillaries
The circulatory system in animals is similar to…
a) Photosynthesis in plants
b) Vascular transport in plants
c) Transpiration in plants
d) Digestion is plants
C) Vascular transport in plants

Digestive System
A system made of organs that function in breaking food down into usable forms.

Are chemicals that speed up chemical reactions.

What is mechanical digestion and where are the 2 places in the digestive system that it takes in place?

Churning food into small pieces.

Which organ is a part of the excretory system?
a) Lung
b) Stomach
c) Esophagus
d) Pancreas
A) Lung
Mechanical digestion breaks food into…
a) New molecules
b) Smaller pieces
c) Chemicals
d) Enzymes
B) Smaller Pieces

What is the role of the kidneys?
a) Digest and absorb nutrients
b) Clean and filter blood
c) Transport nutrients to cells
d) Control body functions
B) Clean and filter blood

Both mechanical and chemical digestions occur in the…
a) Small intestine
b) Esophagus
c) Liver
d) Stomach

C) Stomach

What is the role of the excretory system?
a) Protection from disease
b) Production of offspring
c) Generation of movement
d) Elimination of wastes
D) Eliminates of wastes
The role of the digestive system is to break food down into molecules that can be…
a) Fit into the body
b) Eliminated as waste
c) Carried to cells
d) Passed on to offspring

C)Carried to cells

Skeletal System
A system made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

Muscular System A system made up of three different kinds of muscles that allow for movement.

A softer and more flexible than bone but also gives support.

Connects bones together

Connects the muscles to bones.

In which location is smooth muscle found?
a) Heart
b) Brain
c) Stomach
d) arm

Which tissue connects 2 bones together?
a) Skin
b) Joint
c) Tendon
d) ligament

Which substance is stored in bones and released for