Boston Massacre Essay

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The Boston Massacre is remembered as one of the real reasons why our country's colonists decided to rise up and take what the British thought they owned. People like Samuel Adams used this as a reason to take over British rule. The very day after the trial, Samuel Adams argued in a meeting that the British troops needed “to be immediately removed from the city of Boston” and that the shootings “were an outrage”. Many thought that the British troops actually targeted the colonists that night. That the colonist were innocent. It really wasn't the British troop's fault. The unruly colonists had one ting on their mind. Freedom from the motherland. The British in the Boston Massacre were innocent. The British troops had miserable lives as it was. Their pay was awful and they really didn't get to keep all of it. The Solders weren't liked and did not get the appreciation they deserved. Their job was to stand guard and protect Great Britain's colonies . The Solders weren't to fire unless the command was given. The whole “Boston Massacre” was an act of self-defense. The poor Solderss were being clubbed, pegged with rocks and snowballs, and called horrible names.

The life of a British was miserable. Many British took the job because they were out of work. When the troops were finally out on parole, they were terribly mistreated. Any misstep by the Solder would result in severe discipline from the commander. According to the military rules, the Solders were charged for food and for supplies, including the uniforms they were required to wear. The actual payout for the Solder was not enough to make ends meat. Some Solder's tried to find other jobs just for the pay, but weren't able too. The Solders didn't receive respect from anyone, but the still did their duty valiantly.

On March 5, 1770, an angered colonist approached Hugh White, a British Solder. The colonist claimed that the Solder had not paid him for anything and started to insult the poor Solder. In an act of self-defense, the Solder struck the colonist with the butt of his gun. Soon a angry crowd formed around the troop and they began to throw things at the solder. A circle of British Solders eventually circled around the hurt solder. The colonist rebels started antagonizing to the point were they were telling the British, “Fire! You can't kill us all! Fire! I dare you!”. The situation escalated further and the rebels finally crossed the line. A club struck a solder, Hugh Montgomery, in the face, knocking him over. As a warning, Hugh got up and pointed his gun in the air and fired. This did not calm the attacker and the Private was forced