Essay about Boxing and Good News

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Nelly March 2, 2011
English memoir

“Te lo dije, o no, te dije que te ibas a lastimar, pero no escuchas… tu nuncas aprendes!” my mom complains in Spanish. “Ya callate Mami! Ayy! Me duele la cabesa…major ya vete….y yo si aprendo, pero de mis errors!” I talk back to my mom. A few seconds later the doctor comes in. wearing a large white coat, with a name tag, and holding a clipboard of his right hand. There’s a long pause it better be good news or ill die. Oh my god! Please let it be good news. “You might not box again” he blurted out my mouth dropped open and I stay in shock. My eyes get watery, and I see blurriness. a few seconds later I see my mom left hand in front of my face rocking back and forth.
“Oye, despiertate coño!” I stay in place, without saying a word.
The room gets silent and both my mom and the doctor leave the room.
How did I get here? How did this happen? …..
I pushed open the door from the hot, sweaty gym in 145st.
I was wearing my short, blue shorts and a short, blue tang-top shirt, that has white, bold letters written across the front that read Ever last. I see other people training, and getting ready for their math later on in the day.
I slap hand as saying “was sup?” to other people. I go straight to my place and unload my bag. I take out my training gloves and start to work out. I feel nervous, sweating, while thinking about the math later. It’s my fourth year boxing, and i feel nervous even though I did this a million times already its 5:00pm, and I was warming up for my tournament.
The sound of the bell ringing loudly signaled that it was my turn up.
I get in the square ring, and got to the corner I was assigned to.
I see the other opponent staring at me, with wolf blue eyes ready to attack me. I sit on the opposite side of the ring getting lectured about how to have a clean fight and the rules on winning the opponent. My opponent and I pound to show us having a clean fight.
The bell rings again and the match has begun. First round done *Bell rings*
Two minutes later, the bell rings again to signal the second time of the match. just as it begins, I block all hits coming from my opponent, Second round done *bell rings*
Just as the third round started, I felt hyped and confident that I thought that I was going to win the fight against my opponent.
Once I knew it, in a blink of an eye I was knocked out, lying on the filthy floor of the ring. In pain I close my eyes not trying to show my difficult time of pain.
My right arm was in the position it wasn’t supposed to be in. it was twisted and I felt paralyzed.
I was in pain, not able to move not even a centimeter across the ring floor. One hit straight to the face and arm. POW! POW! I feel the pain in my cheeks and in my elbow
I fall to the ground not saying a word and having a weird feeling that time has slowed down. I fall to the ground hitting my head with a thump noise.
I hear the referee telling me to get up and continue. I hear pounding on the ring floor.
But I knew I couldn’t get up, I was shocked, paralyzed and hurt.
I tried to get up and failed. The Second time i trying to get up again, I fall to the ground “fuck!” I said. *Bell rings*
Just as the bell rung…I knew my match was over. still lying there closing my eyes, and my vision starting to get weaker and weaker by the second, starting to fade I could still feel the pain on my right arm.
The only thing I can hear is my opponent name over the speakers being claimed the winner for this match.
I make no sudden movements in that moment, I knew i was done. A few minutes have passed by and I was losing my visioning.
I knew i had lost the match but all I was worried about was about what was going to happen to me when I was in hard pain. In the hospital a few hours later I wake up…