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What is a poster?
A poster is often used in academic contexts to present research or developing research. It must contain relevant images, quotations and references that represent the focus of your research. It can also contain mind maps and your own notes. Communication of ideas is far more important than visual splendour, so make it meaningful, but don’t decorate or embellish it. It will need to be A1 in size.

There will be an opportunity to look at one another’s posters and offer suggestions for books, periodicals, visits, contacts etc.

You will be expected to talk for 10 minutes about your research to date and the research you intend to do in a formal verbal presentation to your group and your tutor.

What should be in it?
You can structure your ten minute talk however you like, but it must answer some specific questions:

1) What specific images (or aspect of visual culture) will you be studying? Give a description and some examples

2) What interests you about it?

3) Which historical period/s will help you to understand the context and development of your chosen subject?

4) Which theories, ideas, movements in art and design/culture might be important or useful?

5) What aspects of culture, politics and commerce both generally, and specific to your object of study, might be relevant?

NB: You must also directly identify three authors/books that you feel are relevant to your research and discuss key ideas, themes, etc.. of value in developing your topic.

It should also include as supporting items:-
1* a full bibliography of all research undertaken to date and
2* a list of illustrations and a list of citations for the quotes used on the poster.

Life as a brand. Investigating how peoples lifestyles are being used as a branding tool.

Ever since they came “on the scene” in 2007 with their reality TV Show on the E! channel “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the Kardashian women led by mother Kris and including daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have developed a brand that brought in $65 million as of 2011.
This indicates that there is a significant market for the wide variety of Kardashian-branded products that include apparel, fragrances, skin care, tanning lotions, jewelry, candles, and expensive bottled water.

After all, what is a brand? It’s a shortcut to purchase comprised of two main components – (1) a target audience that has a need and (2) an image of the product that fills that need better than competitors. As long as the Kardashians have a large audience, their brand will be alive and well. While no brand likes haters, marketers know that detractors go with the territory.

"These shows are a 30-minute commercial," admits Khloe, co-star of the first spinoff, Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami, which focused on the opening of a Florida outpost of their clothing store, Dash. I am going to look at how advertising has changed over time

I will focus on the types of advertising that have changed. Ie. using brand ambassadors- making it a lifestyle rather than a product – jack wills/ red bull ect.

Celebrity is dead? Are celebrities being used less as the public have got bored of these photo shopped images and obviously false types of advertising. Are they now using ‘real people’ as it is now more convincing?

Reality shows- life as a brand. These people act as adverts for different things whether it be their personal products, clothing, perfume, underwear ect.
The Kardashaians, you can buy almost everything to do with them.
TOWIE Amy Childs- tan, beauty salon, clothing range,
.underwear range ect.
Stars are paid to advertise by saying they ‘love’ products on Twitter and social media sites to make the public think they actually just use these products. – look into pay per tweet (kardashaians).

Brand ambassadors.

Red Bull-the job, the car, the clothing, the