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Brave New World
Journal One. bernard was a confused aplfa that was made with to many too much alchol in his birth surrogate. All his life he know he was different from the others. He was rebellious and more human then the other. he was smaller in size then the others but he felt differently about “normol” standers and activites. He wanted only lenina to be with not only to have sex with her. Its how he changes from the begaining of the book and the way he ends up. Such behavior change can be shown when he is on his first date with lenin,. "I'd rather be myself," he said. "Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly."(ch.6, pg.81, par.11) This shows that bernard sees and relizes the powers of soma; which has the ability to eliminate ones freedom to be one's self and stip an individual of what little personal; identity that they may have left. Not only this does he do, benard also called to his behavor as unorthodox and an relious action against authority by many inducing the director. Benard then goes and brages his victory to Helmholz. Also we find ut that benard is devious and decides to use John and linda ( john's mother) for his own problems by blackmailing the director and exposing them to the society. As an result to bring john, or other known as the savage, he gained popularity from the savage and him quoteing shakespeare which was unussal behaior to people there at the resuravtion. benard takes the opertunity to show off the savage and take the savage around and showing the savage everything about the resuravtion. Reporting all the savages behavior and thoughts about the resuravtion because the savage was an exparement. He became widely wanted by many high ranked people. Benard became more cocky and full of himself but it all started to change his whole life when the savage denied to be shown to the high ranked people that had come to see him in peson. Benard was ashamed and felt alone because of john's unwillingness to be used for socity popularity purposess and benard gor punished for john's unorthodox behavior because he was reposable for john. Bernard's discitions let to the consequences of him being put on an seperite island where he can be who he origionally wanted to be. On the island he can read what he wants to read, to what he peleases, and have the freedom he chosses to have. Althought this is all he wanted all along it became an problem and an undisier of his before he had to leave. He became one of the others at the end and he just wanted to stay in the residence and be with the people. There are many thoughts of benard's reason for existance but from my point point of veiw and thought of the real reason for his existence it to protrey to us that even in a perfect world there is some kind of issue and differce. That we don't always have to be what we are…