Brave New World Essay

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Brave New World

In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Huxley chose John to lean on two religions to show that John is a complex character by how conflicted he is. Shakespeare was John’s reading material to show the significance of literature from the past and John went to a lighthouse because the lighthouse represented his purification from the repulsive morals of the society.
John himself stated that God is "a reason for self-denial.” Basically, John believed in the soul. He was concerned with what was going to happen to him after death. Without God, without the soul, there would be no reason to do anything but indulge in this mortal life. But with God, with the soul, there's a reason to struggle for the benefit of the long-term. Othello, for example, John is much like the character of Othello, a man somewhat isolated from others because of his different skin color. Othello was a black man in a white world; John was white and grew up on a Native American reservation.
Shakespeare provided the language through which John understood the world. Through John’s use of Shakespeare, the John was able to communicate his emotions and feelings such as love and having to face tragedy to experience life. Shakespeare’s plays provided many examples of precisely the kind of human relations—passionate, intense, and often tragic—that the World State was committed to eliminating. Shakespeare’s plays were also very much similar to John’s experiences in the New World. Take for example, Romeo and Juliet: two lovers from different families and in the New World, two lovers from different worlds. John and Lenina often reverse these