Breast cancer Essay

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Breast cancer and lung cancer are the 2 most common cancers in Australia.
What are 2 determinants of these cancers and why do they put some groups at risk more than the general population.
Breast cancer is affected by women who have never given birth, obese women, women aged over 50 years, women who have a direct relative with breast cancer, women who start menstruating at a young age, women who have late menopause. Acting before the cancer becomes life threatening. The risks relating to breast cancer among the general population can be change by developing supportive environments that are easily accessible for the individual, which should allow the person to have a positive attitude towards getting better, and accessing preventative health services
Education, affects the ability to access health preventative services, and make lifestyle decisions, for example

There are certain determinants that affect the access that we have to healthy foods, and this will restrict the amount of saturated fat intake in our diet. A person’s income affects the quality of food in their diet, e.g. a diet low in nutrition would have an effect on breast cancer in a negative way. Foods high in saturated fats also increases the risks relating to breast cancer, involving increase mortality and morbidity rates.

Certain cultures have different beliefs relating to the exposure that a women can have towards a male, this difference in cultural beliefs can affect the amount of women that actually access screenings of the breast area, a reduction in occurrence of screenings and sometimes no screenings at all, increases the risks of women having breast cancer un knowingly. Early detection is a major part of allowing the general population to detect morbidity early, detecting breast