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The Risk of Obesity Causing Breast Cancer 1

The Risk of Obesity Causing Breast Cancer
Renee Mucci
November 25, 2012
Anatomy & Physiology I
Dr. Thomas Betsy

The Risk of Obesity Causing Breast Cancer 2


There are many different types of risk factors in the world that can cause breast cancer. Obesity is one of the many risk factors that can cause the disease, but it is one of the many that can be avoided. Obesity triggers excessive amounts of two certain hormones in the glands of the breasts that can cause a neoplasm to develop, and turn into a malignant tumor. Not only does obesity trigger hormones, but it can also create excessive amounts of insulin growth factor receptors that can also turn into breast cancer. There is a lot of statistical evidence about this risk factor that it does indeed cause breast cancer, however it has help from other risk factors such as family history and age. Obesity however can be avoided as a whole by dieting and exercise, which thus decreases the chances of a person obtaining breast cancer.

The Risk of Obesity Causing Breast Cancer 3

Cancer is one of the most powerful and deadliest diseases the world is conflicted with today. It is so powerful it can make a patient ill for weeks, months, and even years. Some types of cancer can be cured, but it can also come back whenever it wants too. There are so many risk factors in the world today like genetics, epigenetics, the environment, and someone’s lifestyle that can cause cancer on a regular basis. Breast cancer if a very common type of cancer that many people are aware of. However, what many people do not know is there are many different types of risk factors associated with breast cancer. One major risk factor is obesity. Obesity is a reoccurring problem in the United States that causes many different types of health issues. However, not many people are aware that these different health issues do include breast cancer. Obesity is a major risk factor that can lead and contribute to cancer of the breast due to hormones and over expressing insulin growth factor receptors. Even though there are some risk factors that are closely related in aiding obesity to breast cancer, obesity itself can be prevented with physical activity and dieting. Obesity had been proven to release certain hormones that cause breast cancer. According to Sue E. Huether and Kathryn L. McCance (2012), “…a malignant tumor arising from breast glandular tissue is a mammary Aden carcinoma: (p. 223). This becomes a problem, especially for obese people, because breast cancer occurs in the mammary glands of the breast where certain hormones are activated and released due to large amounts of adipose cells. When a person, especially a woman, is obese the hormones estrogen and testosterone are released into the breast. This soon becomes traumatic to the body because, “a central role is played by the adipose tissue that sustains and surrounds the breast glandular tissue and includes a mix a mature adipocytes, undifferentiated fibroblasts, and macrophages. Changes in fibroblasts distribution may regulate the local
The Risk of Obesity Causing Breast Cancer 4

synthesis of estrogen, thus influencing the breast tumor development” (Maccio & Madeddu, 2011, p.1). Since an obese person has a lot of adipose tissue, the synthesis of the estrogen hormone will continue causing the tumor to grow larger. What is even more interesting is that, “…scientists have shown that obese woman have far higher levels of cancer-triggering hormones than those who smoke or drink to excess” (Borland, 2011, p.1). Even though tobacco and alcohol have actual toxins the body consumes, adipose tissue is more lethal in triggering cancer hormones compared to the toxins. Hormones are not the only problems causing breast