Bridgeport High School Essay

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Sydney Leatherman
Mrs. Randolph
English 11
24 April 2014
Dead Poets Society Essay Reflecting upon the film Dead Poets Society, the school of Welton is established on four pillars. The four pillars taught in the school of Welton are tradition, excellence, honor, and discipline which is what standards Bridgeport High School is built upon. Bridgeport is a school that almost fits to these four pillars because it is commonly known that we are an excellent school that carries out many traditions. Also, Bridgeport High School has a large emphasis on the importance of honor which goes in hand with excellence and academic success. However, I do not believe that BHS lives up to the standards of discipline set by Welton, partially because the act of beating is now considered abuse. For the most part though, BHS would be compared to the Welton of Harrison County Schools because it is held to such high of standards and is marked as a “prestige” high school. Tradition is something heavily influenced in Bridgeport schools and is placed on us from the time we enter middle school. The very forced tradition ever to be imposed on me was during my middle school years starting in eighth grade on the very last day of school when all of my class ran around the school as a graduating tradition. Tradition is carried on throughout high
Leatherman 2 school from Friday night football games, spirit bibs, and student section cheers to the senior class traditions. Bridgeport is highly known for our