British in India Essay

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Ethan Dellecese

British in India

India in the 1600’s was an interesting time for everyone. At this point the Britains made their way into India and placed their trading posts in various places like Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta. The effect of the British traveling to india had played a positive role throughout their time in India. The British were able to give them more and better education options, show India a healthier lifestyle, and modernized their culture and united India by building railroads all over India. Which all around benefited India even through the
“bumps in the road” every once and a while. Before the Brits’ went to India the education was very sparse and weaker. Not very many of the indians were given access to a good education. Only few of the richer indians there had an education of the world and other things. But the British being there, they were able to go to put schools and colleges throughout India. Which boosted their literacy knowledges by a lot. According to the textbook Modern World
History when schools were built literacy was increased. “Schools and Colleges were founded, literacy increased” (McDougal Littell, pg 322). Not only that but it allowed them to be able to learn the english language which benefits India all the way until now. Not only did they give the Indians an education opportunity, but they were able to show them a way healthier lifestyle. India overall became a healthier country than before the British arriving. The Indians didn't have an efficient way of keeping themselves clean or anything around them because they lived in an area where out of the millions of people, practically none practiced good hygiene. So when the British came in they showed them the healthy, modern ways of health. Said in Modern World History textbook “ Sanitation and public health improved” (McDougal Littell, pg 322). Which is just one of the health changes they were able to show to the Indian cultured people, out of the many examples that could be discussed. Even though they benefited India, they