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Why Printed Ads Like Brochures and Flyers Remain Popular

Most people now have a laptop, smart phone, or tablet and the belief is that everything is now easily available online. Photos, for instance, are immediately uploaded on websites like social media giants Facebook and Twitter instead of being printed and kept in a photo album.

The same goes for advertisements with companies preferring to go online in promoting their products and services. However, many firms still like to print and distribute advertising materials like flyers and brochures because of the distinct advantages of printed material.

Small businesses and even large companies continue to use these traditional advertising materials provided by printing firms. These are then distributed to their target consumers like students and people strolling in the malls. Printed advertising materials have characteristics like:


Printed materials such as brochures and flyers are tangible. People can hold these items. Consumers who receive these pamphlets can keep these in their bags or store these in their cabinets. These printed materials can stay with the consumers for months and even years, not like an Internet advertisement that can disappear anytime. Companies understand that people are more likely to buy a product or avail of a service that they learned from a flyer or brochure.


Because a consumer can hold a brochure or pamphlet, he or she will find the material more credible as opposed to product or service promoted through an Internet advertisement. Advertising materials like flyers printed by printing shops like Costco Photo and CVS Photo give a sense of legitimacy to the companies that published and distributed them.

Likewise, pop up ads and banner advertisements are usually associated with malware and adware. The tendency of most Internet users is to stay away from these ads and not clicking the links. This is something that printed ad materials have an advantage over Internet ads.

Easily Reach Target Audience

Printed materials like brochures and flyers remain popular amongst advertisers because they can easily reach their target