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Access to information- being able to obtain some information to gain knowledge of a place you are in for example; brochures, maps and etc.
Accommodation range- Accommodation plays a great role in travel and tourism sector. It is a place where tourist stays when they are away from home. For example; hotel, hostels, caravans, bed and breakfast and etc.
Transport- using transport service to move from destination A to B via the bus, train, car, coach, air and etc.
Accessibility- Accessibility helps retired people with different access to entries. Accessibility help with medical conditions, wheelchair users, speech difficulties or hearing impairment..
Customer Service- to provide customer with product and services and also being helpful and giving information for example, welcome service at the preferred destination for customer.
Value for money- Value for money is when customers are happy with the price of the products they are purchasing; regarding the services they would be receiving and ideally something that’s worth for their money.
Activities- the things people do to keep them entertained such as shopping, eating out and etc. mostly everything people do is an activity.

Domestic- school/college groups on a UK residential trip
The school group that are on a residential trip and they will need access to information about the trip they are visiting, the school kids and the teachers will need some leaflets, maps or brochures about the residential trip they are going. Range of accommodation is required so the school group can decide which accommodation suits them best and their needs depending on how many pupils. Transport is essential for the school group as they will need to travel to their residential trip, coaches or bus options should be offered as it is a school group. Accessibility might be needed if any school pupil is less able to walk or disabled, just in case accessibility sites should be accessible for the school group. Customer service is not important for the school group because they will not be dealing with staffs as the teachers are already there to take care of everything. This residential trip should be value for money, everything from transport to accommodation should be affordable for the school group and discounts may be offered as large numbers of groups may be travelling. Finally activities should be available for the school group because they are on a residential trip and the pupils must be looking forward to activities which are educational purpose and entertaining.

Domestic- a family with young children looking for a bank holiday weakened short break.
A family with young children are looking for a bank holiday weekend short break; they need access to information of the destination they are looking for, they will need access to brochures or maps of the destination to see where the destination its location. The family is with young children and they will need a range of accommodations options to choose that suits their needs. As a family they would be looking at hotels with double bed room. Transport is essential for the family because they would need to travel to their short break destination, the transport need is important as without the family reaching at the destination they cannot have a short weekend break. Accessibility could be needed for the family as the mother or father might want to change the nappies for the children and buggy access should be available at the chosen destination. Transport options should be available depending on their needs of which best prefers them. Customer service need is not needed, it could maybe need at the accommodation just to welcome the family, and other than that customer service is not necessary. The short weekend break for the family should be value for money; this need could be necessary as they could be on a budget but, the price should be affordable and not a rip off. The destination should offer activities especially for the young children,