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The Buddha’s name when he was born was
Siddhattha .
Siddhattha was born 2600 years ago.
Siddhattha was born a prince, he lived a life of luxury.
The 4 sights that Siddhattha saw when he left were old­age, disease, death and a recluse are of no avail.
5. The night his son was born, Siddhattha leaves the palace for a life of homelessness.
6. Siddhattha became an ascetic to seek a way to save the world from all suffering.
7. After 6 years, Siddhattha did not continue on with his asceticism. He was not satisfied, for the teachings do not lead to the conclusion of suffering.
8. He began to follow the Middle path of moderation based on the practice of virtue, concentration of the mind and the intensive analysis of all psycho­physical phenomena that finally leads to full understanding of things as they really are.
9. The 4 noble truths that he discovered included the Noble Truth of Suffering; the
Cause of Suffering; the Cessation of Suffering; and the Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering.
10. Buddha stated that all things in the material world, including the human body, are constantly changing, therefore, they are impermanent 11. The buddha taught his disciplines the art of questioning.
12. The buddha said our life does not begin only at the moment of birth, but death too.
13. Some things the Buddha did that remind me of the practices and teachings of Jesus include ministering to the sick, compassion to animals, suffering will