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Tanner Shaffer
Mr. Fox
11/21/13 Buddhism is a religion most common in Asia. The history of Buddhism is one of rich morals and learning from experience to ultimately be enlightened. Siddhartha Gautama is the main character in the stories of how Buddhism came about. He was a young prince who challenged and questioned what the goal in life is. So he set out into the Asian countryside trying and learning different techniques adopted by the priests and holy men he met. Soon he found after years of experimenting with rituals and sacrifice he was no closer to answering his question then when he started. So siddhartha sat under a bodhi tree and meditated. He meditated until his mind and body were clear of all the greed and hate. Then he came to complete open mind and peace. At that moment he had realized what the goal of life is and that goal is to reach enlightenment. That is how he came the Buddha
Buddhism to me looks like a religion that has many ideas and influences mixed together to give a person a better understanding of who they are and what their goal in life is.
I like the idea of having multiple perspectives and getting to understand each perspective of an idea. Many people practice Buddhism daily. It's how they live and they have dedicated their lives to understanding and helping others with becoming enlightened. I have total respect for those who dedicate their lives to such a hard life. I myself though do not want to live a life of dedication I wish to live a life of fulfillment. But in the future when my prestige levels out and