Three Kingdoms of Korea Essay

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Three Kingdoms Period of Korea

The Three Kingdoms period of Korea is an important part of world history. This research paper will describe the three kingdoms of Korea, from 57 Before Common Era until 688 Common Era into the Unified Silla Kingdom period. The history and art from these periods will be discussed in order to show the impact it has had on the Korean culture. This paper will show the Influence China had when the Koreans created their empire and works of art.
The Three Kingdoms period of Korea began in 57 BCE due, in part, to the Chinese occupation of the western peninsula. There were many tribes in Korea, prior to 100 BCE, when the Chinese fought and gained control of the western peninsula. The strongest of all the Korean
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“Sculptured images of bodhisattvas, lohans, and guardians line the lower zone of the wall.” (Kleiner, 2011, p. 203). This monument is considered by many art historians as the finest Buddha statue in East Asia. (Kleiner, 2011, p. 203). Because the Buddhist religion made its way to Korea during the Unified Silla Kingdom, much of the artwork is of a religious nature. Many of the statues of Buddha were made from solid gold or other high quality metals.
The artistic works of the Koreans from the Unified Silla Kingdom are not just religious works, but also decorative masterpieces which can be attributed as royal art. The “crown from the north mound of tomb 98, Hwangnomdong, near Kyongju, Korea” is a great example of the lavishness of the Korean royals. It was made from gold and jade and resembles trees and antlers which may represent life and supernatural powers. (Kleiner, 2011, p. 203).The intricacy of the art which was created shows that it was personalized by the artist and meant a great deal to them. Many of the statues which were sculpted in Silla and the Three Kingdoms periods are made from gold or bronze.
While I was in the United States Air Force, I had the privilege of being stationed in the Republic of Korea for a year. My time there opened my eyes to different cultures and their art. I traveled throughout the southern peninsula quite a bit and I was fortunate to experience many museums and ancient architecture. Unfortunately I do