Essay on Burn and Partial Thickness Burn

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Define each abbreviation with what it stands for as well as define the meaning of its’ term. For the “Terms” define each. NOTE::: Some of the Abbreviations you may not get Defined but should find the meaning
1. CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation- it involves opening the airway, providing artificial breathing, and assisting circulation. It is basic life support, emergency cardiac care. 2. CAB – * .Circulation * .Airway * .Breathing 3. MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet- A descriptive sheet required by U.S. Federal laws of other countries and states that accompanies a chemical mixture.
4. Thermal Burns – A burn consulting in contact with fire, hot objects, or fluids. 5. Chemical Burns – Tissue destruction caused by corrosive, or irritating chemicals such as strong acids or bases , phenols, pesticides, disinfectants, fertilizers, or chemical welfare agents. 6. Electrical burns - Tissue destruction caused by the passage of electrical current through the body, usually as a result of industrial accidents or lightning exposure. 7. Superficial Burn – (First Degree Burn) in which damage is limited to the outer layer of the epidermis, and is marked by redness, tenderness, and mild pain. 8. Partial Thickness Burn – (Second Degree Burn)A burnt hat damages partial thickness of the epidermal and some dermal tissues but does not damage the lower layer hair follicles, sweat, sebaceous glands. 9. Full Thickness Burn – (Third Degree Burn)A burn that extend through the full thickness of the skin, with a pale, brown, and gray, or blackened appearance. 10. Rules of Nine – A formula for estimating percentages of the body surface areas, particularly helpful in judging the portion of skin that has been burnt. 11. Hypothermia – Low body temperature 12. Frost Bite – Severe tissue and cell damage caused by freezing one of your body parts. 13. Heat Stroke – A derangement of thermoregulation with altered mental status and high body temperature. 14. Dressing – A covering, protective or supportive, for