The Relationship Between Crown Woods Schools And Asda

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Task 1: Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting business
Crown woods school and Asda
I have chosen two different businesses; one of them is Crown Woods School, a non-profit organisation. As well as, Asda (supermarket) this is a profit driven business. I’ve chosen these two businesses because Crown Woods School is my school that I currently attend and I know most of the information about it and Asda is my local supermarket which I am aware of . Crown woods school is my ‘Non-profit organisation’ this entitles; an organisation that does not earn profits for its owners. Resulting in giving something to the local community, with the outcome of achievement and enlightenment. Asda is my profit driven business, which is public limited company also known as PLC. Its main purpose is to have a profit turnover of millions. They do this by getting different branded business to sell their product to them which are then sold to public people in different prices resulting in their profit of millions. This is why they are the third largest chain by market share.
Size of business
Small business are usually privately owned and operated by the owner. It usually has very small number of employee consisting of 1- 100. Medium business is also privately owned or family owned business, usually having a different professional in key roles such accountant. It usually has an employee of 100-249 people. Large businesses are mostly owned by a big company or by a shareholder and it has an employee of above 250 people. It also has a various key skill employees and a professional management team. Crown Woods is part of medium organisation which is based in Eltham because it has employee in-between the rage of 100-259 and has a various key person with different key roles; however Asda is a large organisation with multimillion dollar business which has over 100 of stores all across the UK and employee above 250. It’s controlled by a professional management team because a lot is at stake if anything was to go wrong.
Range of business activity
Local businesses are the one that is around the local community for the people that are living in that area, with only one store , where its reachable by a local people by walking , by taking public transport or by traveling on their own means of transport. Crown woods college is a part of local organisation where all the kids that attend to the school are from the local community and walk, take public transport or have their own means of transport to get there. Regional businesses are company with few stores which does businesses only in certain region. An example of a regional business would be L.L. Bean which operates most of their stores in the New England region. National business, also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organisation involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers or to other businesses. An example if this can be a widget maker selling their product to a retailer or a wholesaler. Asda is part of national business because it has its store all over the England and not only ASDA sell their product to their costumer’s which is theirs consumers they also provide other service such as insurance, credit card and loans. International business refers to exchanging good and services with individuals and businesses in multiple countries. Walmart is a perfect example of international business because this company exports and imports a lot of products and services. Global business refers to international trade whereas a global business is a company doing business across the world. An example of this can be a coca cola company. There is also public and private business. Public business is where not everything is controlled by an individual, in public business they are usually controlled by a civil servant or government personnel. A private business is company owned by a small number of shareholders which does not offer or trade its stock to a general