Roles And Behavior Assignment

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Appendix B[pic]

Roles and Behaviors

| |My company (fictional) is a new seafood restaurant that will be opening in the Ashland KY area. This is |
| |the only seafood restaurant in this area and I strongly believe that the business will highly succeed due|
|Description of Company |to lack of competitors, providing consumer wants and needs, and having above the average customer service|
| |with the employees hired. I, being the entrepreneur, have created this restaurant and designed everything|
| |from the food to the menu to the pricing. We will be providing any and all seafood. I believe my main |
| |competitor will be Red Lobster; however this organization is located about 30-45 minutes away in |
| |Huntington, WV. We will attract the seafood lovers in this area who don’t want to travel that far to eat.|
| | |
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|Entrepreneurs |I, being the entrepreneur, have explored my business opportunities and decided which business route I |
| |wanted to take out of commerce, occupation, and organization. I must be alert and able to recognize any |
| |and all changes in the business environment as this affects my business. As the entrepreneur I must first|
| |invest my money to develop and create the business. I must hire an architect for designing and building |
| |my business and I must decide on a good location. Once built I must decide where to purchase my products |
| |(food) to provide to my customers. I will have to hire managers and employees to help with operation of |
| |my restaurant. My role as the entrepreneur is not only investing the money to create this business, but |
| |also organizing every aspect of this company. I must hire employees who are trustworthy to manage and |
| |operate the business while I am not present. I must ensure that I am providing the products that |
| |consumers want and need to ensure that I have customer so my business does not go bankrupt. I have a |
| |tough job being the entrepreneur, but when entrepreneurs go into establishing a business they don’t go in|
| |for the money they go in for the success of the business. Therefore I am prepared with behaviors such as |
| |being driven to succeed, knowledgeable, creative, skillful, tactical, and willing to make sacrifices. I |
| |will lead my employees by example and not expect them to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. I will |
| |treat them with fairness and respect and ensure a healthy, safe work environment for them. |
| | |
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