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General Motors was founded in 1908 by William Durant. Prior to him starting General Motors he lived in Flint Michigan where he made horse drawn carriages. When General Motors was first created it held only the Buick Motor Company, but within years had acquired twenty plus companies including Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Pontiac. General Motors believes in acting responsibly and ethically all around the world and focuses its efforts in the environment and education. The General Motors Foundation is how they achieve their goal by creating stronger communities across the United States via investments in education, health and human services, environment and energy, and community development. The foundation, fully funded by a GM endowment in 2000, has donated over $315 million in order to get students to college, keep teen drivers safe, educate parents on child passenger safety, promote diversity and support non-profit organizations.
GM Results Overview (in billions except for per share amounts) Q2 2014 Q2 2013
Revenue $39.6 $39.1
Net income attributable to common stockholders $0.2 $1.2
Earnings per share (EPS) diluted $0.11 $0.75
Impact of special items on EPS diluted $(0.47) $(0.09)
EBIT-adjusted $1.4 $2.3
Automotive net cash flow from operating activities $3.6 $4.5
Adjusted automotive free cash flow $1.9 $2.6
From the second quarter of last year to this year GMs revenue raised by five hundred million dollars but that’s about the only thing that increased. The General Motors Company has five principles to take into account when making decisions:
1. Safety and Quality: Safety has and always will be a priority. They continue to stress their safety-first culture in their facilities and in new markets as they continue to grow. Their safety viewpoint is taken to heart in the development of each vehicle. In addition to safety they also seek to have the best quality vehicle. This is why their vehicles go through testing procedures in the lab, on the road and in their facilities prior to being sold to customers.
2. Create Lifelong Customers: They constantly seek to earn the confidence and loyalty of their customers. They listen to customer feedback and suggestions to make sure they are meeting their need. Through their relationship with customers, they look to create passionate people who love their vehicle and tell others about their products.
3. Innovate: At general Motors they challenge themselves to be creative in everything they do. From applying the smallest improvements to implementing big ideas, they are constantly increasing their competitive advantage to keep their customers happy.
4. Deliver Long-Term Investment Value: Their shareholders want to feel confident about their decision to invest in the company. By developing the world’s best vehicles, building upon their strong financial foundation, growing their business and operating with the highest level of integrity, they will continue to deliver positive results.
5. Make a Positive Difference: They strive to make a difference in our world. Whether finding new ways to improve business operations or volunteering in the community, they know that their momentum is tied to positive change.
GM is constantly trying to become a more sustainable company. “At GM, they view sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value. It is an approach that is executed by