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This paper identifies how business plays a role within the United States of America’s economy from the beginning of the countries existence through today. It also compares and contrasts the roles that a non-profit organization plays within the economy compared to the for-profit organizations.

The Business Environment
As business’ rose from the simple market of a young United States to the complex industry that it has become, the roles of business within the economy have drastically changed. It started as a way for the local community to thrive and grow but became a way to dominate the global market and effect economies worldwide.
Business Roles

Roles of Business in the Economy
In our country’s infancy, business was non-existent which hurt local economies of the various settlements located throughout a young United States. Farmers and merchants wanted to sell more of their goods without having to compete with their neighbors for the small amounts of money that was being spent within the community. These early entrepreneur’s began to talk amongst themselves and decided to form partnerships in order to sell more goods to more customers by transporting products outside of their local area. According to Thomas V. DiBacco’s writings, in 1620 William Bradford, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony, forged America’s first business civilization. Bradford had set up fur trading posts and exported them out of the colony in exchange for money that allowed the economy to start growing within his colony and allowing residents to enjoy some luxuries instead of just having necessities.
As businesses started growing they are able to hire more employees which puts more money back into the economy from those employees shopping at other merchants shops which in turn allows those merchants to hire more employees which put more money into the economy. These companies also started paying taxes to the local governments which helped to improve conditions within the communities. For example, with the extra money coming in from taxes communities could build schools which helps to educate the residents and future tax payers could help them learn skills to create their own business and put more money back into the economy, thus completing the circle of community growth.

Comparing and Contrasting Roles of Non-profit vs For-Profit Organizations in the economy
Non-Profit Contributions
Non-Profit organizations can help to keep an