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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Cashier"
1) Get instalment with money, check, Visas, vouchers, or programmed debits.
2) issue receipts, discounts, attributes, or change because of customers.
3) count cash in real money drawers at the start of movements to guarantee that sums are right and that there is satisfactory change.
4) greet clients entering establishments.
5) maintain clean and organized checkout areas.
6) establish or recognize costs of merchandise, administrations or confirmation, and classify bills utilizing adding machines, money registers, or optical value scan

Job specification

Cashier job specification of cashier
1. Must be a graduate of any 2 or 4 year course.
2. Must have at least experience working as a store or boutique cashier.
3. Must have knowledge in customers service.
4. Knowledge in basic Mathematics.
5. Good analytical skills.
6. Must have good communication skills knowledge in speaking English.
7. Must be highly motivated and must be keen to details.
8. Must be trustworthy.
9. Must have pleasing personality.
10. Ability to process information/merchandise through register system.
11. Ability to communicate with associates and customers.
12. Ability to read, count, and write to accurately complete all documentation.
13. Ability to operate all equipment necessary to perform the job.

Retention process
• . Ofer fair and competitive salaries
2. Remember that benefits are important too
3. Train-your front line supervisors, managers and administrators.
4. Clearly define roles and responsibilities
5. Provide adequate advancement opportunities
6. Ofer retention bonuses instead of sign-on bonuses
7. Make some one accountable for retention
8. Conduct employees satisfaction surveys
9. Foster an environment of teamwork
10. Reduce the paperwork burden
11. Make room for fun
12. Write a mission statement for your department
13. Provide a variety of assignments
14. Communicate openly
15. Encourage leading
16. Be fexible
17. Develop an efective orientation