Business: Coffee and Barista Essay

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To be an outstanding barista, the job applicant would need to have good customer service and the ability to make drinks and help customers quickly and efficiently. Being a barista is also much like have sense of humour, make the customer feel comfortable with a smile and treat them with politeness. As a Starbucks barista, you will create the Starbucks experience for the customers by providing legendary customer service with prompt service, quality beverages and products, and maintaining a clean and comfortable store environment.
To be a good Barista does not only take being friendly and smiling. There is definitely going to be people coming in wanting their coffee in a certain way, so the barista is required to have interpersonal skills, make smalls talks with the customers, find out their preferences and make them feel special. The ability to work well in a fast paced environment under stress, able to multitask, efficiently problem solve, and can stay calm when you get impolite customers. Meeting time lines, working as a team, strong communication skills, perform under pressure, being able to work independently without a lot of instruction or supervision, being able to communicate with a variety of people are all good skills to have to be a barista.
In conclusion, having all this set of personal and employability skills the barista will be able to contribute success for Starbucks, as will make the customer be attracted to come back again and so become a loyal