Business: Health Care and New Organized Plan Essay

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1) “The economy is just holding up just fine right now”- Neil Dutta and the labor market and housing are impacting the economy positively. Unemployment insurance fell by 12,000 to 350,000 in the week ended Dec. 22, which brought the lowest it has been in the past 3 years. Also the labor department figures showed that purchases of new houses rose 4.4% in November. Now they are at a steady pace of 377,000 annually.

2) The economy’s debt will start to shrink off, and the Gross domestic product will fall every year by 0.1% in the fourth quarter

3) The Business that will be affected is the hospitals do to the fact that Obama has Implemented, His own health care called Obama care. Which is a new organized plan. It will have a great affect because the hospitals are going to have to hire more people in order to take care of the baby boomers. But they will have to put the new program into play so it will stall the time they have to be productive

A) I believe it will work due to the fact that he has a well thought out plan for some major subjects, such as innovation- to “create the jobs for tomorrow”
The major building necessities are manufacturing because it will build more higher wage jobs and make cities better economically. Obama has already created 479,000 jobs and he wants to reach to 1 million more.

B) He is also making sure that when he leaves office he will already have built educated people, because he doubled the Pell grant and made college cheaper so people are able to pursue there goals and graduate college. So Obama is thinking ahead of the game for us “future leaders”

C) He is also taxing the richer people to help the economy instead of taking it out of the lower-class citizens because that doesn’t help the economy it just makes it drop because then people loose a lot of income due to the taxes

5) Deficiencies to his proposal: energy problems: An unprecedented boom in domestic production has led to cheaper natural gas. But then it keeps rising, and this world uses a