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Date: October 9, 2013
Subject: Corporate Profile – CVS Caremark

Company Profile
The company profile for CVS Caremark has been prepared using the December 31, 2012, 10-K as accessed from the SEC Filings at the Securities Exchange Commissions website ( CVS Caremark is one of the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States. The company was incorporated in Delaware. CVS Caremark is primarily deliver significant benefits to health plan sponsors through effective cost management solutions and innovative programs which promote healthier and cost-effective behaviors. CVS Caremark is organized into three operating segments:
Pharmacy Services Segment, The Pharmacy Services segment provides a full range of pharmacy benefit management (“PBM”) services to their clients consisting primarily of employers, insurance companies, unions, government employee groups, managed care organizations and other sponsors of health benefit plans and individuals throughout the United States. Moreover CVS Caremark is a national provider of drug benefits to eligible beneficiaries under the Federal Government’s Medicare Part D program.
Retail Pharmacy Segment, The Retail Pharmacy segment included 7,327 retail drugstores, of which 7,271 operated a pharmacy, their online retail pharmacy website,, 30 onsite pharmacy stores and their retail health care clinics. The retail drugstores are located in 41 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia operating primarily under the CVS/pharmacy name.
Corporate Segment, Corporate segment provides management and administrative services to support the overall operations of the Company. The Corporate segment consists of certain aspects of their executive management, corporate relations, legal, compliance, human resources, corporate information technology and finance departments.

Risk factors affecting CVS Caremark include:
Risks of…