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Health Care Administration
Kaplan University
HS100: Introduction to Health Science
Rebekah Marsh

Health Care Administration


As a health administrator, planning and managing the delivery of health care services are some of the most important things one may have to do on a daily basis. Duties mainly focus on business functions, and personnel in small group practices, all administration duties would be my sole responsibilities in large group practices, I might have several assistants. In either setting, my primary objective will be to assure that operates efficiently. About 40 percent of health care administrators work within hospitals. Other employment settings include physicians’ office, small or large group medical practice or centers. Within these settings, (I) they manage whole facilities or a specific department. Most health care administrators work full-time business hours, but the basis during off hours including holidays, weekends, nights or on-call. Managing a health care facility today is the close equivalent to managing a city. It’s dynamic environment of specialized competing interests. To lead such an organization one must require careful budgeting, and tough decision making, above all else. Within this environment, a health care administrator is responsible for also establishing personnel management procedures necessary to support his/her vision.

Health Care Administration

Education requirements, certification and credentials

A bachelor’s degree (four years) is the typical entry level preparation needed for health administration jobs. For high level executive positions, a graduate education (two years) Master’s degree, or a doctorate in health administration. Although in most areas of health care administration, a license is not needed one exception is for administrators of long-term care nursing facilities and some examination, of a bachelor’s degree and successful completion of attending a training program are typical element of the licensing process. When it comes to the provision of health care change is always in the air. However, health dare administrators must adept to adjusting to new developments in heavy organized in putting policy change into practice. As well as effectively communicate with people at all professional levels, specific department or facility, as well as knowing details of all employees daily responsibilities. Current Issues relevant to health administration According to Bureau of health professionals, the aging of nursing workforce was raised as an issue in almost every interview. Workforce forecasters note that the fundamental dilemma is whether the historical rates of the workforce demand side will continue, as to whether past projection models will have validity in the future. Another issue is the demand for highly skilled individuals and job applicants in the health industry is extremely high. Employers, employees

Health Care Administration

and educators reported that testing individuals skill development through credentialing is a major barrier to skill transfer and articulate between programs because they are not cross trained. Personality, traits, and skills

An administrator is required to hire, promote, and manage employees hundreds of them, at senior levels, and must therefore have excellent management skills. It is so important to be a “people person” hey!!! You are not losing anything by doing so, because an excellent health care administrator must possess great communication, be a great negotiator, delegator and occasionally diplomat. However, health administrators are expected to put business first, and must be willing to make or uphold unpopular decisions when it’s necessary. Ever since I was of age to enter the working world I’ve been a “people person” and