Essay on Business Plan for Food Delivery

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1 The Business 1a) The business idea 1b) The Product range 1c) Merits of the idea 1d) Business objectives
2 Market Analyses 2a) At the macro level 2b) At the micro level 2c) The market response to the idea 2d) Target market/ market opportunities 2e) The competition
3 Marketing 3a) Marketing policy 3b) Marketing policy 3c) Selling activities
4 Production 4a) The logistics 4b) Production capacity 4c) Suppliers 4d) Contingency 4e) Health regulations
5 Ownership 5a) Structure 5b) Employees
6 Finance
6a) Projected Profit and Loss account for the first two years
6b) Break Even Analysis
6c) Cash Flow forecast – Assumptions
6d) Cash flow forecast for the first year’s trading
7 Resourcing
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The area is traditionally characterised by motor vehicle and component manufacturers, but there is a trend now to light industry and a growing service sector.

2c) Market response to the idea

My research of potential customers took the form of an interviewer administered questionnaire. I took a random sample of each of three types of customer, namely petrol filling stations, industrial estates and offices/shops. Questions asked covered:-

interest in the concept of sandwich delivery opinions of whether their particular establishment would be interested in the service and the reasons why where they currently buy snacks/lunches actual facilities, number of employees and hours of work.


Petrol filling stations

I covered a dozen garages locally and spoke to the manager in most cases. The response to the idea was very positive and over half the garages would be interested in the services, although some respondents felt their particular garage was not very well sited to sell sandwiches. None of the garages visited actually sold sandwiches, although one or two managers cited cases, where a garage was supplied by the manager’s wife.

Some managers expressed concern about the perish ability of the product and would prefer to buy on a ‘sale or return’ basis. I would not object to supply on this basis if I had control of the number delivered, since I