Entrepreneurship In Construction And Property

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Module title:
Entrepreneurship in Construction & Property

Module code: CE2CEC Providing School/Department: SCME
Level: 2 Number of credits: 10
Terms in which taught: Number of ECTS credits: 5ECTS credits

Module convenor: Dr Milan Radosavljevic *Other teaching staff:

Pre-requisites: None Co-requisites: None
Modules excluded: None

*Module type: Maximum number of students: N/A

Current from: October 2009

Summary module description:

This module introduces students to the context, content and processes of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on construction and property. Entrepreneurship is often described as the opportunity recognition regardless of the availability of resources in order to initiate, develop and maintain a profit oriented venture. As such entrepreneurship is not limited to commercialisation, business ownership or start-up ventures and is a fundamental driving force of organisational development for the purpose of maximising performance and competitive advantage of firms.


To develop understanding of entrepreneurship that will inspire students to recognise opportunities and drive them towards initiating, developing and maintaining profit oriented venture in the context of construction and property.

Intended learning outcomes:

Assessable outcomes

It is expected that students will demonstrate relevant knowledge, understanding and intellectual competence in assessments requiring critical and synthetic thinking about entrepreneurship that is necessary for new venture creation and in dynamic business organisations. Assessable outcomes include: • knowledge of the importance of entrepreneurial mindset • recognising potentially profitable opportunities • evaluating the opportunities and developing a coherent business plan • orally presenting an evaluated opportunity and the strategy for its implementation

Additional outcomes

In addition to the above students will develop an appreciation of creativity, creative participation and innovation, knowledge of the role of leadership and understanding of market forces.

Outline content:

The module will address the following topics: • Entrepreneurial mindset [2 hours lecture] • Opportunity recognition [2 hours lecture] • Evaluating opportunities (Technology Implementation Evaluation) [2 hours lecture + 4 hours tutorials] • Business planning (including market research, finance, intellectual property, human resources and organisational structuring) [4 hours lecture + 8 hours tutorials] • Creativity and creative participation [2 hours lecture] • Innovation [2 hours lecture] • Motivation and leadership [2 hours lecture] • Effective team building [2 hours lecture] • Decision making [2 hours lecture]

Brief description of teaching and learning methods:

The module runs over spring and summer terms. There will be weekly two hour class seminars in the spring term and three hour tutorials in the summer term. Seminars will normally take the form of a topic-based lecture often around a case study analysis. Tutorials will be based on group work around a selected assignment idea.

Contact hours

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