Business: Sales and Good Marketing Skills Essay

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When it comes to marketing, you can’t take it easy. No matter what you serve or sell, if you’re in business you have to acquire good marketing skills. Your business can offer the most wonderful products, but if it is not well marketed, you won’t get any cash. Or credit card.

So who is responsible of deciding on the increase of sales for your business? Your client. He may or may not buy your goods. Your job is to convince him to buy repeatedly. How? Through effective marketing, which means, in plain terms, every message that is sent from company to the client. The key words are to write convincingly, with the intention of including marketing, advertising and sales concepts. To explain it vividly, let’s imagine a pyramid with Mr. You at the bottom, partnering with Mr. Marketing Concepts and your job is to climb up that pyramid ultimately reaching the sales, which is Mr. Customer. To build the base of your marketing pyramid, you have to ask yourself some really honest questions about your business and goals, like why you created this product, who would you like to sell it to, who is your competition, etc.

And here's good news: even the dullest item can be sold provided you have an effective advertising strategy. Try it next time you are at the checkout counter and see which products you bought because they were needed and others which were bought because the sellers knew how to make it find its way into your shopping cart. Just a few simple words like %15 Reduced Fat,