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BS4121 Brugal Rum

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6. Jun 2014

1.0 Introduction

Brugal is the leading rum brand in Caribbean, Brugal is a premium brand full of authenticity, strong heritage and unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. Since 1888 Brugal was creating different rum, there are 2 main thinks that set Brugal apart from others. Distillations process with removes much of what other rums leave. Because Brugal cask-age rum in the year-round heat and humidity of the Dominican Republic. Brugal is a family business for over five generations. Marketing in the UK is delivered by the Edrington Group (2014).
Edrington Group makes some of the world’s best-loved Scotch whiskies, including The Famous Grouse and Highland Park. The portfolio is complemented by Brugal, the leading golden rum in the Caribbean and by Show Leopard vodka (Brugal 2014).

2.0 The Elements of the Marketing Communications Mix

Edrington Group currently is working hard to maximize marketing of Brugal Rum. Currently they got number of events that will maximize Brugal image/brand (Egan 2013). Brugal brings -Ibiza to London in pop-up experience campaign, campaign launched on 8th of May 2014. Campaign offered bohemian cocktails, street food. Food menu was inspired by Ibiza, dishes mainly was made with Brugal rum. It is helping community to find out more about brand and the company. But, to maximize more positive impacts Edrington Group also need to be aware of other different types of advertising as marketing promotion packs, posters, advertise it in local restaurants, bars. Also there was lack of advertising of the Campaign; the other media should be considered more effectively (Brugan 2014).
Personal Selling
This is the most expensive promotional tool, and also it’s the most effective tool for building buyers preferences and actions. The personal interaction allows for feedback and adjustments (Egan 2008). Edrington Group introduces Brugal as an exclusine, different type of rum that can be purchased in UK. The Group are building good customer relationships, but they need improve marketing of the Brugal rum as a high value brand.
Sales promotion
This includes short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sale of a product. The short term offers should be offered to the customers, the advertising process should be managed more effectively, the community should be informed about current promotions. Displaying the posters, newspapers, leisure sector should be involved. Sales promotion formats can be coupons, multi buy offers (Egan 2008).
Public Relations
Building a good corporative image is very important for every business. Organization, Edrington Group should be more creative create new features, events, sponsorships. Community should be aware and involved more closely with the business. Business need use promotional mix, relatively inexpensive (Brugan 2014).
Direct Marketing
Business should implement telephone marketing, direct mail, online marketing, to attract customers and find out customer needs in current period of time (Robinson 1988). Direct marketing should be analysed and reviewed at all times, to avoid negative impact for the business.

3.0 Schramm Model of Communication

This Model have advantages and disadvantages, one of the advantages is that Model shows why redundancy is a essential part, shows how the situation can be changed, assume communication to be circular in nature. And one of the main disadvantages is that semantic noise and it assume the moment of encoding and decoding (Egan 2008).

It is very important that Business is implanting this Model in the business Encoder process discover if they are getting message across the community and if the specific target is achieved in period of time. It may include customer surveys, specific