Business Structure Of Archery Hand And Arm Glove

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Archery Hand and Arm Glove
Presentation slide points

Impact –

Stops users from getting injured – particularly when the bow string or arrows miss fire.
Helps the archer maintain focus due to not worrying about arm injury from miss fire.
Gives stability to the bow holding arm because of the sleeve like design
Gives cross fire protection if another arrow hits the archers arm

Business Structure -

Private Limited Company
Partnership structure of the management
PLC means we can register copy rights on our products and trade mark our business and reduce our liability
Partnership means we can use specialist knowledge from different networks to benefit business growth

vision – Presentation read out

Our business idea will exist as a Wing Chun wooden dummy, with the capability of reacting more realistically. Our aim is to introduce a new way of training to those in Martial Arts. This product allows you to train alone but feels like you are training with a real person.


The mission is to offer the product to one of the top selling Martial Arts equipment suppliers such as, Blitz Sport, Martial Arts one and
Supply them the wooden dummy by selling the idea

Business Structure - Presentation read out

There are many different types of business from sole trader to partnership and with so many different levels of liability. Because this is a relatively new idea and a higher risk investment, it is proposed the best structure be a Private